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Precision Gauges

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These high accuracy differential pressure gauges lead the industry for incredible quality and affordability.

With the trust of thousands of customers around the world and the ability to create over 3,000,000 gauge combinations, we feel confident we can design a gauge to meet your requirements. These applications range from filtration, liquid level, pump monitoring, and many more. We even do Custom Logos, pre-set electrical switches, color indicator bands, and a wide variety of other options.

Ranges 3.5-1000 psid

200DPG Differential pressure gauge
  • Highest System Pressure (6000 psi)
  • Great for Filters and Hydraulics
  • Stocked Gauges on Amazon
  • Lowest Cost Precision Gauge
  • Select Stocked Inventory

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Ranges 3.5-100 psid

200DGR Differential pressure gauge
  • Lowest cost diaphragm gauge
  • System Pressure rating 3000 psi
  • Perfect for gas applications
  • Do not use if reverse pressure is possible

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Ranges from 0.9 to
60 psid

300DGC Differential pressure gauge
  • Can have a zero center dial
  • Stocked Gauges on Amazon
  • Best Selling for Liquid Level
  • Best Selling for Cryogenics
  • Best Selling for Flow Rates

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Ranges 0.02-1.8 psid

400DGC Differential pressure gauge
  • For Very Low D.P. Ranges
  • Great for Leak Tests
  • Can have a Zero Center

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